Figure 3. Phylogeny and karyotype distribution in the family Iguanidae. The base dendrogram summarizes phylogenetic conclusions of Richard Etheridge from his osteological studies and is reproduced here with his permission from a privately circulated figure. The available karyotypic information for the family (references cited in Table 3) is superimposed on this dendrogram and indicates (1) the basic diploid karyotype for each genus [karyotyped] or (2) in karyotypically variable genera, the most primitive karyotype in the genus plus the range of 2n known for it. "V" chromosomes are metaccntric macrochromosomes, "I" are acrocentric macrochromosomes, and "m" are microchromosomes. Thus, an 8V,8l+24m karyotype has a 2n of 40 with eight metacentric macrochromosomes, eight acrocentric macrochromosomes, and 24 microchromosomes.