Miscellaneous Material

William P. Hall


The material presented in this review represents an abstract and summary of several studies which I have in various stages of preparation, combined with appropriate comparative material from the published works of others.

The data base for the karyology are chromosome preparations made in this lab by myself, T.P. Webster, B.B. Stamm, H. Londe, A, Russell, and D.L. Paull. Additional data not cited in Gorman (in press) is derived from the work of D.M.V.M. Peccinini (Thesis, Universidade de Sao Paulo) and B.D, Sage (pers. comm.--data on Liolaemus). These data included chromosome preparations from more than 1200 individual Sceloporus grammicus; from 300+ individuals from 43 of the 63 remaining, currently recognized species of Sceloporus; from approximately 100 individuals representing one to several species of each of the 8 other sceloporine genera, from 100+ individuals belonging to 9 other iguanid genera, and from 100+ individuals belonging to several other lizard families. To this is added the wealth of material represented by C.J. Cole's several publications cited below, and by the work summarized by Gorman (in press).

[Notes added in 2003]. The following tables and illustrations were bound in a few distribution copies of my thesis, including the one formally presented for my degree. In the personal copy I retained (the only one now available to me), some of the pages are only of poor photocopy quality and after several overseas moves and weather damage to parts of my personal library, I am unable to locate originals. Thus, to provide legible images of some of the pages I have had to use high resolution gray scale scans in order to adjust brightness and contrast to improve readability. Thus, some of the page images are large and take some time to download. Hence, this miscellaneous material is linked via the following Table of Contents, not included in the original thesis:


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Karyotype distribution in the sceloporines 1 26
Karyotypes of Sceloporus [summary table] 4 312
Phylogeny of Sceloporus 6 1,823
The iquanid nasal apparatus 8 2,448
Taxonomic modifications 5 1,235